What Lawn Care Companies in Maryland Do

If you don't have the time, knowledge, or desire to maintain a beautiful lawn, you may want to go to a lawn care and gardening service. Lawn care companies vary in price, but for the most part, they all offer the same basic professional service.

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Lawn care companies can offer a variety of services and what you pay will depend on how many services they offer. Here's what regular garden care providers offer as part of their many different services:

• Mowing the lawn: The most obvious reason to hire a lawn care service is to mow the lawn on your property. Unlike your lawn mower, lawn mowers usually have industrial-style lawn mowers that allow them to mow your lawn in a relatively short amount of time.

• Grass and Edge Eaters: After mowing the lawn, most lawn maintenance companies will eat weeds around your home and other immovable objects on your property, such as trees and your mailbox. They then mow where they cut the overgrown grass from the edges of alleys and walkways, leaving a nice cut.

These services are usually standard for any lawn service company, but there are also some extras you can pay for. These additions may include:

• Fertilization: Many lawn businesses offer you to fertilize your lawn periodically throughout the year. While this is usually an extra effort, it also helps keep your page looking its best all year round.

• Shrub and Hedge Trimming: Again, this is usually not included, but for something extra, many lawn maintenance companies mow all your shrubs and any hedges you have on your property. This gives your home an overall sleek and clean look.

Most lawn maintenance companies don't deal with tree trimming, landscaping, and irrigation systems, but most have a company that can recommend it to you if you also need these services.