Everything You Need To Know About Recycled Socks

Today everybody is looking for a more sustainable option to the ongoing battle between organic and conventional cotton. Manufacturers don't produce new cotton.

Instead, they renew old cotton. This gives it a new lease on life and a spring in the step. You can buy branded socks products like Teddy Locks Sustainable Socks as they are light, breathable material also much more durable!

100% Recycled polyamide: Regular polyamide doesn't biodegrade and emits greenhouse gases 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Recycling polyamide gives new life to the millions of polyamides that are polluting our planet.

Elastane: Have you ever heard the expression "a necessary evil"? This is how we feel about Elastane. Elastane, a stretchy fiber that ensures your clothes last a long time, is what makes them fit.

Although elastane may not be the most durable material, it can significantly increase the material's quality and durability. To make clothes stretch and last longer, it is needed to add a little bit of elastane. Your new favorite pair is only 3% elastane. This is helping to keep your socks warm and your feet happy.

Don't worry if you are passionate about saving the environment but don't know if you can give up your favorite cotton socks. Then don't forget about the comfort of cotton socks.

This cotton is grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers, unlike conventional cotton. Organic cotton is good for the environment and biodiversity. Organic cotton is gentler in the environment and more comfortable for your skin than conventional cotton.