Developing Your Cigar Palate: Suggestions For Starter Cigar

Novice cigar smokers are like beginners in any activities or hobbies. They need a little guidance to learn what works best for them or what suits their individual tastes. 

With cigars, it is advisable to start lightly and work with more adventurous smokers. You can also look for the best cigars for novices through various websites.

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When choosing a starter cigar, start with your eyes. Look for medium-sized cigars with light brown or even tan skin. The color of the shell should be uniform. Packages should be of medium thickness. 

Avoid cigars whose packaging is discolored or whose skin looks cracked. Then lift the cigar to your nose and taste the aroma without lighting it. It has to be a fresh scent – you'll understand the difference when you taste one that doesn't. 

The cigar should be firm but not hard to touch. A cigar that is too loose can burn too quickly or fall apart. Too dense and can be difficult to use.

Buy your first cigar from a reputable dealer, not a machine. Talk to the staff at a reputable tobacco shop that specializes in a wide variety of cigars and follow their recommendations. 

Take advantage of the smoking-room so you can concentrate on the experience of each new cigar as you try it. Like a fine wine or rich chocolate, the better quality of the cigar is obvious.