Best Lotion For Dark Tan Results

With so many tanning products out there, getting naturally fair  skin is easier than ever. This is how you get a beautiful-looking and long-lasting fair skin by using a dark skin corrector.


However, for dark self-tanning, it is advisable to use a very dark self-tanning lotion from a reputable company.


All tanning creams are made from dihydroxyacetone (DHA).  When these sugars mix with the cells, the skin begins to change color. This change usually takes about a week after you sign up.

Enhance lotion effect

Shaving products themselves don't work well on rough or chapped skin; In fact, it will only look more uneven and streaky. To make sure the person gets the desired tan, you need to apply a good moisturizer all over their body for a week or two before applying the self-tanning lotion. 

Remember that exfoliation should always be accompanied by a rich layer of moisturizer all over the body. The moisturizer must then be completely absorbed by the skin.

How to get a natural look when you use dark chocolate

When using tanning products, try not to distribute them on parts of the body that are not exposed to natural sunlight. Even areas with naturally rough skin such as knees and elbows should be treated with extreme care.