What Is Log Book Servicing?

The vehicle book contains the maintenance requirements recommended by the manufacturer. Regular car inspection and maintenance can keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. It also stores information about when certain parts of the vehicle require maintenance. This can include:

• Check the V . ribbed belt

• Replacement of brake pads

• Check shock absorbers

• Replacement of damaged car parts

• Transmission fluid replacement. You can also know more about log book checking by searching online.

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Maintaining your car regularly according to your diary can extend the life of your car and help maintain your car warranty. Experts recommend servicing the logbook regularly every 10,000 km or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Notebook maintenance can prevent minor mechanical problems from becoming major problems.

Logbook services ensure that your vehicle is serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications. When maintaining your logbooks, your mechanics inspect vehicle components and fluids at intervals specified by the manufacturer. Depending on the life of each component, they may replace it with an original component. As part of the log service, professionals perform standard safety checks and road tests.

During logbook maintenance, they carry out regular engine checks to ensure your car engine is working properly by:

  • change engine oil

  • Check coolant level

  • Clean the air filter

  • Change fuel filter

  • Check V . ribbed belt

  • Check spark plug

  • Check liquid