Tips to Hire an Food Photographer

The majority of people eat their food through their eyes. This is why hiring a food photographer is one of the most profitable investments that a professional in hospitality can make. 

From the local restaurant owner to the chief marketing officer of an elite hotel, being able to get convincing food photos that "sell" potential customers about their business is a valuable asset that is essential to the overall marketing strategy.

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Importance of Food Photography for Restaurants - Teena Agnel

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Below are four essential aspects to take into consideration when hiring a professional food photographer who will create compelling images for your restaurant:

1. Experience does matter:

As with everything else you do when you hire an individual vendor, the level of experience must be considered. Simply looking through the portfolio of the food photographer as well as examining references after an initial meeting you will be able to determine whether he or she is experienced enough to accomplish the job. 

2. Food images should complement your corporate branding and brand image:

Marketing professionals are aware of how important it is to ensure that each element of their marketing strategy aligns with their unique selling point (USP). This includes food photography. 

3. No hidden costs or ambiguous contracts:

It may sound as if it is common sense however it is important that you go over the fine print of the contract. By doing this, you will have the chance to find any clauses or terms which aren't understood by you.


Many business owners do not realize the importance of having high-quality photographs of food that are taken by a professional. The impact they create could make the difference between prospective patrons and a real one.