Fat-Reducing Injections (LipoDissolve) Of the Neck and Jowls

Posted on December 29, 2020Categories Business and ManagementTags ,

Neck and chest fat would definitely be classified as a type of LipoDissolve problem. I found that the injection of LipoDissolve into the throat area is a very effective treatment, perhaps the best use of any method of injecting fat reduction. You can get the best treatment for cellular reduction through LPG endermologie technology.

It works in this area for a good reason, the neck has a small surface area and therefore the fat problem is also limited. This fits perfectly with my concept of the hand-scoring method to determine LipoDissolve's candidacy.

If it is an area the size of my hand (size 6 ½) it makes sense to treat it with LipoDissolve. On many necks that I treat, the results with LipoDissolve can be close to liposuction results.

The concept that should be understood for LipoDissolve is that it is an ineffective method of treating fat, even if not surgically. Unlike liposuction, liposuction takes months of treatment to achieve the final result.

So while it can be effective, it is not. Liposuction achieves results in less than 30 minutes, even though it is a surgical process.

In general, the ineffectiveness of LipoDissolve will not be a problem if the treatment is hidden and socially invisible. However, on necks and wounds, the effects of LipoDissolve treatment are visible to everyone and do not just talk about the end result. After each LipoDissolve treatment, the injected area immediately swells and remains that way for about five days.

Swelling process must be repeated every time a treatment session is carried out. It usually takes about three treatment sessions to get the best results..