Descriptions Of Common Corrugated Boxes

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There are many types of corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated board can be made in one of the millions of different and unique shapes. However, the industry has developed several global standards.

A standard corrugated cardboard box is called RSC or slit container. When someone needs to request corrugated cardboard, the default is RSC. This box-style has outer petals that are centered on the top and bottom. The inner lids meet only if the box is square. The RSC is an easy-to-build, inexpensive box that doesn't require any extra or special tools. It offers good strength and durability during custom shipping supplies by RSC is available in various sizes and materials that can be used for almost anything.

How to Start Corrugated Carton Box Manufacturing Business

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Another common type of corrugated cardboard is the HSC, or half-slot case. This type of box does not have the top and bottom of the RSC model where the outer petals meet in the middle. The HSC allows for easy filling as there is no cover at the top to get in the way. 

When it is full, it is often covered with trays. The tray is a sheet of corrugated cardboard that is pushed in and cut into a lid and connected with tape or a staple gun. Postal envelopes are usually less expensive in terms of both materials and labor costs and are an underutilized alternative to standard boxes.