Still Life Photography – How to Shoot Good Pictures In California

Still life photography has many uses. Maybe you want to take a picture of a beautiful shell or take a picture of a product you sell online. Another reason to study still life photography is to sell still life photos that can be downloaded from microstock sites or food magazines. Whatever the reason, innovative still life photography is a great skill to learn.

Unless you're shooting a specific product or photo for a magazine assignment, the subjects for your still life photography are limitless. Contrary to popular belief, still life photography is not limited to photos of apples and grapes. Even something like a cleverly arranged skein of yarn can be visually appealing and appealing. Microstock sites like Shutterstock and iStock, which cater to business users, are in high demand for all kinds of inanimate objects, often as simple as a cup of coffee or a key.

People often think that still life photography is much easier than other types of photography such as sports or landscape photography. With stills, you often have complete control over the composition and can arrange the stills exactly how you want them.

And sometimes it's even harder to take good quality still life photos. This is because they are close together, so it is easy to see imperfections as dots on a piece of fruit, which are usually not noticed. Despite these challenges, with the basic photography skills and tips below, you can create high-quality still life photos.