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A large number of events are observed across the country. It is true reflector of the old tradition of the majority of the population of Bangladesh. This event is quite colourful and interesting to entertain you and give you too many opportunities to learn about the culture of this destination to visit. If you take a flight Bangladesh should catch any of them.  

Eid Milad-un-Nabi: The majority of Bangladeshis are Muslim, and the birthday of the Holy Prophet (P.B.UH) is called Eid-Milad-un-Nabi is probably the most famous religious events in the country. During this event across the country transform itself into a beautifully decorated site. You can explore for acquiring more knowledge about popular events.

It is celebrated on the 12th of the 3rd month of the Islamic calendar. If you take a flight to Bangladesh during this period you will observe thousands of people in the streets to attend the procession. Not only in Africa but throughout the Muslim world today it is celebrated with great honor.

Pahela Baishakh: The 14 or 15 April calendar year Georgia is regarded as Bangladesh. Date has also served as the commencement of the financial year in Bangladesh. If you take a flight to Bangladesh and join this event you will observe the locals dressed in festive gaiety people.

Christmas: Christianity Day is also celebrated throughout the country, especially in Dhaka. If you take cheap flights to Bangladesh you can go for prayer and Christians gathered at one of the many places in Dhaka included; Cathedral of St. Mary, the Portuguese Church, Church of Bangladesh, and Bangladesh Baptist Sangha.