How to Choose a Singing Bowl For Meditation

Singing bowls come in a variety of sizes and are made from different materials. The sound they produce depends on their shape, size, and, in the case of a crystal bowl, the clarity of the sound. All trays are deliberately programmable so you don't have to an entire tray rack.

Almost any bowl can be used for the same effect as any other bowl.  You can choose the best crystal sound bowls at However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Six-inch cup

This bowl usually works on the crown chakra and third eye. They also helped open the little-known gates at the base of the brain where the ancient Egyptians placed the intelligence of the heart. If you experience energy headaches, these gates may be closed or stuck.

  • Seven-inch bowl

If you work in the astral field a lot, this might be the bowl for you. The size of this cup aligns with the astral and physical bodies. This will temporarily set all seven characters and is useful when working with pre-pubertal children.

  • Eight-inch bowl

Activate your creativity with this bowl. This bowl is attached to the clairaudience and throat chakra and resonates with OM. It is a great healing and meditation tool. An eight-inch bowl can help with previous work. These cups sometimes activate what is known as the Star Soul Gate and this, in turn, can lead to lucid dreams and dream alchemy.

  • Nine-inch bowl

They sang the universal healing song. If you are not sure which bowl to use during the healing session, use 9 inches. This will act on psychological imbalance and increase the energy of the aura field. During meditation, this bowl helps you understand universal principles and can be a helper for astral travel.