Hiring Independent Booth Renters At Your Salon

You've probably already considered your options for booth rental vs. hiring employees to fill your seats. There's always room for improvement, especially with the changing economic landscape after Covid-19. The stylist's original decision may not have made sense 12 months ago. You can also buy rental space for barbers from various websites.

Are you currently considering your options? You can find out which salon arrangement is best for you by reading the following breakdown.

A salon owner and independent stylist sign a rental agreement for a hair salon booth. The contract is legally binding and protects all parties. It is also the document used by the IRS to determine if the stylist is an independent contractor or an employee of the salon.

The salon booth rental agreement will include the rent/lease rate as well as cancellation policies. This agreement outlines the terms of the contract as well as what contractors can expect to receive in return for chair rental, including station, water, electricity and salon equipment.

The salon owners must also agree to booth rentals. These include information about taxation, how to protect the salon property and perform repairs, insurance, emergency information, etc.

The contract should include information about cleanliness expectations, site duties, and expected hours. It also must outline fees and/or split costs and any other regulations. It is important to note that renters must have their licenses displayed and carry liability insurance.