Don’t Wash Your Chicken – Sanitize It Using An Ozone Generator For Water!

Don't wash your chickens and quote the latest headlines from around the country. This headline cites the many health risks associated with spreading bacteria in the kitchen when chickens are washed in the sink at home.

Over the years, renowned chefs have recommended washing your poultry before cooking, and cookbooks from around the world have repeated this advice. You can choose ozone system in food processing at to purify your food.

The ozonation in food processing began soon after it was first used to purify water at the beginning of the last century. Only with the most recent government decree has a rate of ozonation been set that penetrates the food industry, where technology adoption has been slower. 

Washing chicken can actually spread germs in the kitchen. These germs often spread from the sink to the checkout counter to the cheese being produced and then onto the shirts or clothes, spreading deadly germs and increasing the risk of disease and illness from poultry to the family in the household. 

A new video has even been made and a campaign has been launched on the popular Salt National public radio show teaching the crime of chicken washing. The truth is that most chicken, fish, pork, and beef bought from local stores often contain bacteria and chicken is the culprit.