Choose The Right Heartburn Medication – So Many Options

Heartburn usually happens when you have excess abdomen acid that builds up in your esophagus and causes pain in the chest. There are many techniques that can be practiced to fight indigestion and heartburn. Let's have a look at some of the alternatives that you can make use of.

Choosing the best acid medication will depend on factors such as symptoms, duration of acid, the level of pain during the acid episode when the episode occurred, and any other acid medications you were previously taking that may not cure your heartburn. You can also visit to learn about the several effects of medication that you are taking during heartburn.

Treatment Options for Acid Reflux and GERD

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Heartburn Medication: Know Your Options

When looking for acid drugs, keep in mind that each type of drug works at a different acid level. For this reason, it is best to understand all types of heartburn medication before taking them.

The most commonly used heartburn treatments are antacids. This over-the-counter medication helps neutralize stomach acid. Antacids work best in cases when people experience occasional heartburn. Even though it works quickly, the effects don't last long. Hence, after a fatty or spicy meal, it is best to take antacids to prevent heartburn.

Other acid drugs are H2 blockers (histamine-2 receptor antagonists). These over-the-counter medicines reduce acid production by blocking signals that tell your stomach to produce excess acid. The H2 blocker effects can last up to twelve hours and prevent heartburn. However, you won't feel the results immediately after taking them because they need to get into your bloodstream for the medicine to work.