Why Is 550 Paracord Considered The Best?

Paracord 550 is the only type of paracord that can be used for survival and outdoor use. Other types of paracord (e.g. 95lb, 100lb, 425lb and 225lb) can only be used for basic things around the house e.g. to change shoelaces and make beautiful bracelets. 

Apart from the 550 cable, the others cannot be used for survival and outdoor use. It is considered the best paracord due to its ability to lift or pull 550 pounds. Most buyers prefer 550 paracords for personal use, outdoor use and survival. You can call us today to buy 550 parachute cords online.

Uses Of Paracord:- Parachute cables were originally made for one purpose, but today they are used as general purpose cables in every home. It can be used in hundreds of situations. With the help of paracord you can build an emergency shelter. This can help you bind and secure protective materials such as sticks and bamboo. 

Can be used in rope deck railing, camping and trekking. At home, it is like a multifunctional tool. With the help of paracord, you can make bottle holders in school and college bags, replace broken shoelaces, make hangers for fruit, vegetables, herbs and other materials, etc.

As an adventurer, if you are going on an adventurous trip like rock climbing, camping in dense forest, hiking, etc., you should buy a Paracord 550 as it will help you a lot in many ways. You never know what situations you might find yourself in on your journey of adventure. So be prepared with a more powerful paracord as it is the solution for hundreds of situations.