Why Duct Board Insulation Is Beneficial For Your Property

HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) are two of the most common uses for ducts today. They are used primarily to transport air. They are essential in maintaining indoor air quality. To maintain constant temperatures, ducts must be able to withstand external temperatures.

Duct covers can be covered with insulation materials. Aluminum and galvanized metals are the most commonly used materials to make duct boards. Galvanized mild steel is particularly heavy. Some manufacturers use polyurethane.

One example is polyurethane, a type of plastic resin. It can be made flexible or rigid. Duct wrap can be used in many products including industrial products. Polyurethane is an extremely popular material due to its insulation properties.

duct board insulation

The polyurethane insulation boards are used in your freezer and refrigerator. Modern homes may have walls lined with polyurethane panels and duct boards to reduce heat loss during colder months.

Common areas for polyurethane duct boards in residential and commercial buildings are cavities, walls, floors and roofs. Large air ducts and pipe areas, as well as boiler areas, are also common. Insulation is not just about comfort. Insulation goes beyond comfort. Insulation can be used to maintain cold and hot air simultaneously.

It may seem costly to cover targeted areas with polyurethane boards, but this will save homeowners and businesses money in the long-term.