Why Choosing Organic Clothes Is Utmost Important?

• We are all aware that babies need special care. Therefore, care is important in everything you buy for your baby. If you are wondering whether to wear organic clothing or not, read the entire article to get a clear picture of it.

• 1. Organic clothing does not contain pesticides – One of the main reasons organic clothing should be chosen is the overuse of pesticides on plants.

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If reports are to be believed that while cotton is only 3% of all arable land, it accounts for 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of pesticides, making it one of the most chemically grown crops.

• On the other hand, we recommend choosing organic clothing such as baby cotton which is made from organic cotton, which is offered with Softsens.

• 2. Effects of pesticides on the environment – By choosing organic clothing for your baby, you are actually helping to protect the environment.

It is estimated that only about 10% of the pesticides used on the cotton plant actually work, and the rest ends up in the air and water. The EPA estimates that up to 2 million birds can be killed each year with just one insecticide applied to cotton.

• 3. Recycling process – you will be amazed that pesticides and other chemicals are not the only problem. Cotton also requires dozens of chemicals, including bleach, during the long process of turning raw cotton into fibers for clothing and even food.

So, do you know the importance of sticking to an organic newborn bodysuit? Organic is not loaded with chemicals so it is very safe for your baby.