What Really Is Natural Skin Care?

People are getting more interested in natural and organic skin care products, nowadays. You want skin care products that are safe, effective, and friendly to the environment. There are many natural products on the market, and more organic products are being made. The majority of synthetic ingredients in skin care products are there to make it look nice in the bottles. 

These include emulsifiers to prevent oil and water from separating, and surfactants that clean and preserve. The majority of natural products purchased from Maaemo will contain mainly active ingredients. These would include vegetable oils, herbs, essential oils, nutrients, and vitamins.

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This is where you have to choose between functional or majority active ingredients. These are just ingredients that make the product look great. Synthetically derived petroleum ingredients are considered more dangerous. Natural ingredients must be sustainable and not at risk of extinction as they pose an environmental threat.

When it comes to marketing and labels, it's best to play the skeptical role. A label that says organic skin care should be stamped with an official seal such as the USDA NOP organic seal. The ECOCERT label may be used if the organic skin care product is from Europe.

It is difficult to define natural. Many of the ingredients that are labeled natural are actually synthetic. However, this doesn't mean they are bad or unsafe as some people believe. Many ingredients, including vegetable emulsifying oil and cetearyl alcohol are derived from plants and modified to be used in skin care. They are natural ingredients and therefore often described by brands as natural ingredients. 

To make a cleanser, coconut oil is combined with potassium or sodium hydroxide. This compound is not found in nature and cannot be considered a natural ingredient.