What Are The Different Types Of Ceramic Coating?

There was a time when the world of ceramic coating was easy. It is a high-quality silica or SiO2 based professional formula that is only available from authorized installers. These formulations are scientifically engineered to use nanotechnology to penetrate the microscopic imperfections that appear on any hard, porous surface.

The ceramic coating segment is saturated today – with a combination of professional options like Ceramic Pro to Teflon ceramic coating spray on cars that reproduce many of the properties of the original coating but rarely in terms of protective properties and longevity. You can find the best ceramic coating car via https://jrsautodetailing.ca/ceramic-coating/.

ceramic coating car

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There are even ceramic car wax products glued together with car paint that reproduce some of their properties. The world of ceramic lacquer is divided into two segments:

Spray coating

This is the entrance to ceramic coatings for the automotive world. It is a dilute solution that can easily be sprayed, wiped, preserved on a painted surface, and see visible results.

Nanoceramic coating

The nanoscale coating is a highly concentrated formula that provides excellent protection for paint, glass, chrome, carbon fiber, and even vinyl or paints protective films. It utilizes nanotechnology to fill minor cracks or imperfections on porous and solid materials. 

When the coating fills those imperfections, it then provides an exceptionally flat and hard layer of protection.