Use Marriage Wax Light to Set the Right Mood for your Ceremony and Reception

Wedding candles are an essential part of every ceremony and reception, as any bride will know. There are so many uses for them that you need to choose your wedding candles with the same care you would dress your gown.

While Marriage wax lights are used to decorate the reception and ceremony, they can also be used for other purposes. They are also used in unity wedding ceremonies. The bride and groom each hold a tapered candle, which represents their individual lives, while the couple light a pillar candle together to signify their union. 

You can place the three candles in a Unity and taper holder to show that they are not just individuals, but are also one.

If the bride and groom have children, they can participate in the wedding by having their candles.

There are many themes you can choose from for your Unity candles or ceremony, such as Asian Fusion candles and accessories, or Celtic Charm candles. The Asian Fusion candles feature a stunning red with black trimmings, while the Celtic Charm theme uses beautiful muted greens.

Candles for weddings add a romantic touch to an event. They create a peaceful and tranquil environment that doesn't require bright lights to be visible to you and your guests. It's a great idea to have a Personalized wedding candle A family circle personalized luxury candle with a monogram.

Wedding candles can create a unique atmosphere, no matter whether you are having an evening or a day wedding. If they are getting married near a swimming pool, some couples use floating candles for their weddings.