Traditional Thai Food That Should Not Be Missed

People from all around the world visit Thailand to enjoy the exotic and traditional Thai cuisines that are not easily found particularly in the west. Thailand is renowned for its variety of delectable Best Thai Cuisine that is priced at a bargain. 

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Since the local Thais are proud of the food they cook and cook, the wait will be worth it once you've had a taste of their delectable dishes. Here are some traditional Thai dishes that are not to be missed when visiting Thailand:

  • Paad Thai:- One of the most well-known Thai popular dishes, Paad Thai can be available almost everywhere.Paad Thai is stir-fried rice noodles that are seasoned with fish sauce and lime juice and are garnished with crunchy, diced peanuts. 

  • Green Curry:- Many Western travelers enjoy this spicy, green dish! The dish is made from coconut and fresh green chilies, chicken parts, and even some, Green Curry is usually served with a bowl of plain rice that has been steamed.

  • Papaya Salad:- A dish that consists of papaya strands that are green and chopped peanuts, a variety of cherry tomatoes, prawns, and yard-long beans, Papaya Salad is typically consumed as a meal starter.

  • Mango Sticky Rice:- It is a must to taste this dessert at a minimum once in your life! The rice sticky is cooked in coconut thick milk. The milk is typically sweetened, and the rice is able to take in the milky flavor. 

It's typically spicy and is best consumed when it's hot. A majority of Thai dining establishments serve this tasty soupy dish.