The Timeline For An Office Reinstatement

What is office reinstatement? Office reinstatement is the process of returning your office back to its original condition. When you’ve decided to relocate your office or end your lease, you’d need to hand back the office to the property owner in its original state. This is why office reinstatement is needed. To help you, let us share with you the typical timeline of an office reinstatement.

Planning Stage

Planning Your Schedule

As with every project, planning is crucial. Thus, you’ve to know what deadlines are to be met. These are some important considerations that will affect your schedule for office reinstatement.

When do you need to have the office reinstatement completed?

This is the most important deadline. With this deadline, you can easily backtrack and plan for other deadlines that need to be met in order for you to complete your office reinstatement.

Determining Your Budget

Getting to know the costs you’d typically incur in an office reinstatement helps you in your planning too. A quick way to estimate such costs is through your office space. The bigger the office, the higher the cost.

Wondering what is the typical cost of office reinstatement?

For an office space with 3000 square feet and above, the average cost is between $12-15 per square foot to reinstate the office.