All About Whisky Investment

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Whisky investments have proven to be a highly profitable investment option and prices have reached new levels in recent years. If you are a new investor looking to venture into the market of whisky it is an intimidating proposition due to the nature of relationships of buying sought-after whiskies. 

VCL Vintners are uniquely positioned to help clients both novices and experts alike on the possibilities of investing into whisky either through individual collectible bottles or whole casks. You can explore to know more tips about  whisky investment. 

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Put your money into the things you can pay for

“You can begin with the amount you like. It’s possible to start with just only a couple of bottles. If you’re beginning with a cask of whisky, our recommendation is most likely at least PS10,000 (S$18,200). That’s a minimal amount of money for a whisky bottle which is an excellent starting base.”

Find old or vintage wines

“If you’re looking to invest into bottles, then my suggestion is to research Macallan. Vintage Macallan has always performed exceptionally well. It’s the top brand being sold in auctions. However, it must be old, about 18 years and over.

This isn’t an opportunity to make money fast

“This isn’t a buy Bitcoin today and sell Bitcoin tomorrow class. It’s about the discipline of setting clear expectations of returns. If you’re trying to get the example of 15 percent per year in net IRR (internal rate of return) You must consider, “Is that feasible in the market for whisky? When you’ve attained that in 5 years then it’s time to stop existing.”

Tips For Investing in Whisky

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It's simple in concept – buy the whisky you are looking for and sell it later for a profit, but a little more complicated in actual practice. Whisky investing isn't suitable for all. The investment in whisky is extremely profitable, with return on investments increasing by 269% if they are done correctly. 

When you do things correctly, you have to be a fan of whisky and to be aware of the market and have connections, and in the end to be aware of the things you're doing. Here are some helpful tips to get started with the best whisky investment.

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Put aside the proper amount and be patient – To reap the most through your investment in whisky, you'll need to put in a lot of money. However, you can earn a good return on your investment even if you invest small amounts of money. 

An investment of a thousand pounds, if placed in a bottle that is in high demand could yield double or even triple the amount however, it will only be the span of a couple of years. 

As we've said before, being knowledgeable about top whisky is crucial in making money from investment in whisky, but being alone at the beginning, which is when it's most difficult, can be extremely difficult. You can even search online for more information about whisky investment.