Interesting Things Your Printer can do to which you may not be Aware of

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Documents, images, PDF files and more are printed with the use of a printer making our lives easier. Apart from printing, a printer is also capable of doing additional lists of things that may interest you. Here are some of the interesting things your printer is capable of offering to which you should be aware of.

  1. App Download – You may not have been aware but printers are known to download apps directly. This is a feature that isn’t available in old models but available in new ones. With this feature, you can download crosswords, calendars etc. The only drawback is the limited number of apps the printer can download. But the developers are working on introducing new apps to be downloaded.
  2. Save Ink – New model printers have settings allowing you to save on ink cartridge. You can do so by going to settings and selecting a mode called as “Draft Mode” which limits the printer from using a ton of ink.
  3. Make Magnets – Printers are also known to print promotional magnets allowing you print but also save money. Investing in magnet paper from a store that sell office supplies is the only thing you need to in order to print the promotional magnets.
  4. Back Up Files – Storage facilities are available in modern printers allowing you to save important files and documents. It is possible due to the printers having a dedicated SD card where you can put a pen drive to back up the files.

These are a few interesting things your commercial printer in Brisbane is capable of doing.

Maintenance of Printers are Required for these Reasons

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In order to understand the success of a business, there are factors involved. One of the factors that plays a role in defining the success of a company is the printer. Printer is an electric based device which helps in printing different documents. However, this device still needs some form of maintenance in order to ensure work does not get hampered. If you own a printer in your business, then these are the reasons behind the importance of printer maintenance.

  1. The Productivity Increases – A printer is an electronic device which can break down without a warning. If the printer does break down, then you can expect the work rate of employees to drastically drop down. Moreover, the relationship between the company and the client also gets affected due to the failure of printer. Additionally, the employees are forced to increase their working hours which also hampers their productivity levels. Due to these reasons, it is important to do maintenance to the printer to avoid malfunctioning or breaking down of the printer. Doing so ensures the work does not stop.
  2. The Cost Stays Low – The main aim of companies is to save money and invest less. The one place companies keep spending a fortune is on electrical components where printers are included. If the printer is offered proper maintenance, then you can expect to spend less on repairs and so on. Moreover, the toner of the printer is expensive in the event something goes wrong. However, if you do proper maintenance, then your company does not need to spend a fortune to get rid of this problem.

Make sure you are regularly maintaining to your commercial printers in Brisbane and cities in Australia.

Reasons that Lead to Failure of Printers

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Printer is an electronic device which is bound to fail at one point of time. There may come a time where your printing may lose quality at the time of printing or in some cases, not even work. Moreover, you may also experience error messages that keeps popping and also annoys you. If your printer fails, calm down and instead follow and understand the reasons leading to failure of printers.

  1. Paper Feeding Fails – Paper feeding that fail is considered as one of the reasons that leads to printer failures. Make sure to switch the printer off and try to remove jammed paper in a slow manner. After that, take a set of papers and put them back at the position. Turn on the printer again and seek for any form of noise that may sound abnormal. If the problem is related to the noise, call a technician to fix the issue.
  2. Paper Getting Jammed – Probably the most common cause of printer failing is when you notice jammed paper. Again, stay calm if you see a paper being stuck and turn off the printer. Once the printer is turned off carefully remove the paper that is jammed to avoid causing any more damage.
  3. Undetected Cartridge even when it is Full – Full cartridge not getting detected happens when the chip is damaged or absent in some cases. If the chip is absent then contact the company from where you bought the cartridge. While cleaning the cartridge detector is required if the chip is damaged.

You can also hire a technician by going online and typing “technician for printers near me”.