Options For Removing Facial Hair On Sensitive Skin

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If you have sensitive skin, you should be very careful before using facial hair removal methods. Experts believe that you should be extra careful when using hair removal creams on sensitive skin because they use chemicals. You may experience irritation and a burning sensation. 

To avoid unwanted side effects, you can choose a different hair removal process like Soprano laser hair removal in Hong Kong specifically designed for sensitive skin. You can navigate to this website to know more about laser hair removal method.

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Is Bleaching a Good Option to Hide Unwanted Hair?

Bleaching is often used by women to hide facial and facial hair. This method is especially effective for women who have very little facial hair but still have dark skin tones. In this process, hair is decoloured with the help of a specially formulated bleach. 

Bleaching helps make facial hair less noticeable, so it's a great choice for many women who don't want to get rid of facial hair. 

Hair removal and extraction – which is better

Extraction means removing the hair above the surface of the skin. Popular forms of hair removal are shaving and the use of chemical depilatory, which breaks the bonds between the hair and its follicles.

While removing hair means removing all hair, including the part under the skin. Hence, this method offers long-lasting results. Popular hair removal methods include waxing, hair removal devices, sugaring,  threading,  laser, intense pulsed light (IPL), and electrolysis.

You need to decide which one is more suitable for you depending on the area you want to remove the hair from, your pain threshold, budget and your level of comfort.