Air layering Of Marijuana Clones

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1. Select fairly healthy branches of your plant with growing tips and carefully scrape the stems about three knots from the top and about 1 to 1.5 inches long.

Apply root powder or gel to the wound and wrap it in a small piece of rock wool or sphagnum moss. (Alternatively, you can use a paper towel or clean cotton cloth.)

2. Soak a bowl with clear water and cover it with plastic wrap to prevent the stems from drying out. You can get marijuana clones online or opt to Los Angeles clones for sale at

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3. Tie or glue to the branch. Not too tight not to slip. The twist connection works fine. After a few weeks, the stems will have new roots.

During this time, it can be cut and grafted from the mother plant, marijuana. If you are not sure if it is rooted, you can open it carefully and check before cutting.

Aeroponic cannabis clones

They can be purchased online or at most hydroponic stores, or they can be made at home. You basically need a waterproof tub or bucket, PVC tubing, a water pump, and a neoprene collar or netting pot to hold the cuttings, an air pump, and maybe a timer.

If you are running more than four cannabis clones at once, this may be the right path for you. Here we have a complete overview of aeroponics. Other cloning tools include gel clone clones, EZ cleaners, Botanicare cloning machines, cloning buckets, aeroponic clones, and Homebox clones.