Choosing the Right Paper For Your Print Job

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Choosing the right printing paper is a very complicated undertaking. You have a great opportunity. Paper influences all aspects of print design as well as general perceptions, reproduction quality, durability and postage. Choose badly and you can ruin an otherwise great project. You can also find the best matte paper through the internet.

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Specifically, it means seeing many aspects. First, the surface of the paper, as it affects the look, feel and printability. This is important because the appearance of paper affects people. It's that simple.

There are basically two types of paper used for cast printing:

1. Revealed

2. Closing

Both types of paper can be available in different sizes, colors and diagrams depending on the brand name and the manufacturer or retailer. A reputable printer has connections with most, if not all, of the major paper dealers.

The details we have listed here are by no means exhaustive, but are intended to give you a clearer picture of the types of paper that are available for your use.

Uncoated paper is what you usually find in office copiers or printers. Uncoated paper is better for letterhead and compliment slips.

Coated sub-type One-sided or double-sided coated paper. Paper can be single, double or triple coated. The more layers of coating, the better the quality. The coating can be glossy, smooth or matte.

These documents are more commonly used for pamphlets, catalogs, brochures, and magazines.