Process of Getting the Braces

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The process of putting braces on can take one to two hours depending on how your teeth look and what type of braces you choose. There may be some pressure involved in certain parts of the process. But overall, getting braces put on doesn't hurt. If you are a resident of Mililani, then you can consult with certified Mililani orthodontics to get quality dental and orthodontic care services.


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Applying Spacers: Your dentist may place spacers between your back teeth if they are too close together. This is usually done about one week before braces are applied. This is necessary to allow for enough space to accommodate bands around your back teeth.

Spacers can cause pain in your jaw and back as your teeth shift to fit the spacing devices.

Cleaning: Your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried by the orthodontist before applying the braces.

Brackets: Small ceramic or metal devices that hold wires in place on your teeth, are called brackets. The orthodontist will place a little glue in each tooth's center to attach the brackets. To set the glue, they will shine blue light onto your teeth. Although the glue can sometimes taste bad, it is not toxic to your health.

Sliding on the bands: To anchor the braces, the orthodontist puts metal bands around your back molars.

After choosing a band that’s the right size for your tooth, the orthodontist applies some glue to the band, sets the glue with the blue light, and slides the band onto your tooth.

Attaching the archwires: At last, After the bands and brackets are in place, the orthodontist attaches the archwire to the brackets. To hold the wire in place, they wrap a small rubber band (ligature)around each bracket