Hidden Costs of Home Rebuilding and Demolition

Posted on May 16, 2022Categories Home and GardenTags , , , , , , , ,

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When thinking about home renovations, homeowners usually get confused between the options of renovating, rebuilding, demolishing, or buying a new one. While time and efforts play a role in the decision, the cost stays the top contributor. While demolition can help you get your dream home constructed without moving to a new place, hidden costs can be a huge turn-off. Here, we will understand different hidden costs associated with demolition and rebuilding services.

Disconnection Fees: Before starting the home demolition, you should talk with your power company to disconnect gas and electricity supplies. These services are not free and they will take time out of the entire demolition procedure.

Existing Solar Panels: You should remove the existing solar panels in your building. Your rebuilding and demolition contractor can devise a workaround known as a cable replacement. It means they will take your old meter and shift it to a temporary pole. The account and meter will remain in your name and will be shifted back to your property once it’s ready again.

Additional Piers: While making a budget for the demolition project, you should consider acquiring the additional piers. That’s essential because the soil can be displaced and disturbed throughout the demolition procedure. The additional distance covered needs a strong foundation that is crucial in the construction procedure.

So, if you are planning to rebuild an area with huge value, do note that the land value will increase over the years. Also, you will pay less towards maintenance as everything will be new. However, you can reduce the margin of hidden costs by working with professional local demolition contractors.