Popular Indoor Plants for Tropics

If gardening is done indoors as a hobby, it is called indoor gardening. Indoor gardening can be a major hobby or hobby for plant lovers. Indoor gardening can be practiced as a therapeutic horticultural practice where the therapeutic benefits of indoor plants are used for the benefit of the occupants. When a garden is placed indoors, it is called an indoor garden. Indoor gardens can be created from residential and indoor commercial buildings. 

This means that indoor gardens can be created in residential buildings such as single-family homes, private villas and apartments, or in commercial areas such as hotels, hospitals and offices. Monstera deliciosa Plants are the best indoor plant option. 

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As mentioned earlier, indoor plants are used to decorate the interiors of residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, when arranging indoor plants, care must be taken to maximize the aesthetics of the interior. When arranging indoor plants, these can be placed in suitable combinations or as single copies. For large rooms, a large group of strong, leafy plants should be placed next to a large wall. Individual plant specimens are best for small spaces. Tall plants such as philodendrons and rubber plants are best suited for spaces with horizontal lines, while monster tall plants and large ferns are best for contemporary-style rooms with simple straight lines. Ficus, dieffenbachia and dracena are best for traditional spaces with decorative furniture.

Plants with red, pink, and orange flowers like amaryllis or chrysanthemums work best for rooms with white or light backgrounds. Plants with bright green colors such as coleus and caladium are also suitable for decorating such a room. White flowers are best for rooms with dark backgrounds, while colorful greenery like caladiums can create a similar effect.

Indoor plants can be presented in a beautiful combination of soil; Window sills and window sills; Tables and tables; Bookcases and bookshelves; Racks and carts; Boxes for windows and seed drills and in plant stands are placed on the floor.