Pallet Lift Equipment – The 3 Main Options

Moving pallets around can put a strain on the worker. This strain can lead to physical injuries. Unloaded pallets can weigh as much as 50 pounds to 80 pounds. Imagine the weight of the pallets when a load has been added. It is for this reason that equipment should be used when dealing with pallets.

There are several types of pallet lift equipment on the market that can be used. You can click here to know more if you want to buy a pallet.

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Pallet Jacks

One such equipment is a pallet jack that can come in either manual or powered. Pallet jacks are small and allow for use in areas where there is not enough space for bigger equipment to safely operate.

Pallet jacks have limited lift heights so storing or loading the pallets will have to be at shorter heights. With the manual, you will have to move the handle up and down to achieve lift but with the powered pallet jacks, the lifting is done for you. The powered pallet jacks remove all forms of physical strain from the operator.


The Pallet Stacker

Another option that you have is a pallet stacker. These are best used in a powdered form and give higher lift options than the pallet jacks. Usually, these will run on batteries and can be acquired with a built-in charger to ensure optimal performance. Another great feature of pallet stackers is the ride-on platform.

This means that loads get moved quicker than a walk-behind equipment option. They can operate in almost the same small vicinities that pallet jacks can, thus allowing them to be a great choice in pallet lift equipment for small workspaces.

The Forklift Option

The other heavy-duty option is the forklift. The forklift can lift larger load capacities than the pallet jack and pallet stacker as well as achieve higher lift heights. Forklifts require more space to move around than the other two options though. Also unlike the pallet jack and pallet stacker, a forklift requires training and certification to be able to operate.