New Drivers Car Insurance – Which Car is the Cheapest to Insure For New Drivers?

In general, when the words "high performance" refer to a car you want to buy for your teen, expect to pay more for their car insurance.

In fact, any vehicle that is easy to drive recklessly is an excuse for insurance companies to raise prices. Auto insurance companies look for heavier, older cars with good safety ratings.

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So a 95-year-old Honda Civic would be a pretty safe bet, right? In fact, the '95 Civic is at the forefront of the wildly popular stolen vehicle reports, a fact that can add to the cost of your auto insurance.

If you live near a port, border, or suburb, the chances of your car being stolen are much higher. You should check your area's statistics to see which cars are more susceptible to theft.

Anti-theft technology protects your car and is approved by many insurance companies. Make sure your offer includes a discount on anti-theft measures.

There is a lot of discussion about the best cars for teenagers. Some parents prefer a bigger car. Sitting taller in a road accident is beneficial, but most experts agree that the weight of a car determines its safety.

Used cars are an obvious trend for first-time drivers, but how old are they? It is important that the car has airbags and working lights and indicators.

The best way to buy car insurance is to check the safety rating and get a quote from your insurance company before making a decision to buy.