Micro Needling – Is it Right For You?

Micro-needling involves the use of the hand-held roller with needles that are fine-pointed and multiple placed on skin surfaces. The skin roller has needles that range from 1-3mm long. The small punctures that are made in the epidermis can penetrate the uppermost layer of skin. 

This triggers the skin's natural healing process, resulting in small skin punctures which help in the creation of collagen and elastin. You can find the best under eye micro needling eyes services through various online resources.

eye micro needling eyes services

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The tiny puncture wound triggers collagen in the upper layers of the skin. It also causes a break in blood vessels that are directly beneath the skin's surface. Since blood clots form it creates the ideal conditions to promote collagen as well as elastin production. These are the essential elements that aid in the pores and the skin appearing improved. 

Although it sounds like a drastic procedure the process is carried out on only a small amount and the visible appearance of an injury is not significant. 

The procedure of skin Needling could involve applying a numbing cream on your skin, for those who suffer from sensitive skin to ensure that the procedure can be completed with minimal discomfort.

The skin-needling therapy is a treatment that can be used on any type of skin including sensitive skin. The result is more firm, smoother and thicker skin and increased circulation to areas that have poor healing.