Know About The Traditional Weapons Used In Martial Arts

Many students who take up martial arts are excited to learn how to use weapons. Martial arts weapons can be a little strange, so who wouldn't like to learn how to use a sword?

Traditional weapons training is only meant to preserve the old techniques. You cannot guarantee that weapons training will be provided at your martial arts school. It could also depend on which martial arts style you are studying.

For thousands of years, traditional weapons have been used in martial arts for centuries. Because they are used around the globe, weapons for warriors like the lance or sword are well-known. Some of these weapons are:

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  • Nunchuks. These were created when the Okinawansere prohibited weapons use. The Nunchuk was inspired by a rice flail, which was a common farming implement. Therefore, the Japanese lords couldn't ban it.
  • Ninja stars. This is to be the most thrilling; we all remember the old cheesy movies where ninjas hurled stars at their foes. These were created by Japanese assassin clans to distract and harry the pursuers after the ninjas had finished their attack.
  • The sword. We all think of the Katana when we think about martial arts swords. However, depending on culture and time periods, swords can vary in size and shape. 

Although a weapon has a broad definition in martial art, it is simply any weapon that is used to harm an opponent. Your right foot might be considered a weapon or a rock from your backyard. However, a weapon can be anything that is used in combat, such as a sword, spear, or another weapon.