How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

A landing page goes by tons of other names: splash page, squeeze page, capture page, opt-in page, gift page, free offer page, preview call invite page, and lead magnet page. This page is different from the home page or any other page on your website. A landing page is like a follow up to any promise that you have made to your target audience. It's a crucial page in the process of converting a visitor into a customer.

Landing pages allow you to make a trade with some type of special offer or a deal in return for information provided by the potential customer. These pages may be a click-through that leads the visitor to your official website. You may offer items like a free trial, webinar registration, contest entry, and eBook in return for the visitor's contact information like name, email address, or phone number. But how do you build a landing page that converts most visitors into customers? Here's Marquel Russell spilling the secrets of creating a high converting landing page.

Step by step guide on building a successful landing page

There are three components that you need to keep in mind if you want to develop a high converting landing page.

Irresistible headline

Your headline should consist of a big promise that entices your audience to provide the information you need. If the heading isn't attractive, most of your target customers would pass by and not bother filling out the contact information form. Some of the headlines that you can use may start with "How to do so and so without doing so and so?" Or maybe "How to do so and so even if so and so?" This immediately creates a sense of enthusiasm among your audience, leading them to provide the information to know the answer.

A typical lead-generation website may provide a heading that says, "Try our proven system to generate 50 leads per day and turn them into high-value clients." As you can see, the offer is specifically for a certain group of customers. You should also be specific with your headline instead of beating around the bush.

2. Call to action

Your next step is to ask the information you need from your audience. You can ask for details like name, email address, and phone number. Make sure there is a submit button. The call to action phrase maybe something like, "If you want to find out the answer, submit your details below." Call to action tells your audience what they should do to avail the offer in the headline.

3. Form and submit button

The form should contain the fields mentioned above where the audience can fill out their details. Also, don't forget to put the submit button right below the form. One thing that you should remember while building a landing page is all the information should be clearly visible to your audience. They shouldn't need to scroll down to see the offer or call to action message.

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It's easy to create a high converting landing page, provided you follow the tips above. All you need to do is provide the follow-up information of your offer to get the contact information you want. Once you get the information, you can use it to send personalized emails to convert visitors into customers.