How Coastal Management Strategies Protect Coastlines in Springfield?

There are various different management schemes for protecting coastlines. These strategies include rock groynes and rock walls, dredging, dumping and bulldozing, sand pumping, and the construction of artificial reefs. 

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Coastal sustainability services

Following are some of the possible management solutions to reduce the impacts of erosion in coastlines:

  • Rock Groynes

Groynes are barriers that are made up of rock or concrete. Each groyne is constructed at right angles to the beach, a design that traps sand transported by longshore drift or that may have been washed away by storms otherwise. In other words, they keep the beach in place.


  1. Cheap to build and maintain

  2. Do not affect access to the beach

  3. Simple, yet effective tools for keeping sand in place

  • Sea wall 

Structure placed parallel to the shoreline to separate the land area from the water.


  1. Cheap to construct

  2. Efficient at providing a defence against high-energy waves

  3. Waves break on the rock rather than on the dunes

  • Dredging

The process of dredging also occurs on the Gold Coast. This is where sand is transported from underwater, out at sea, and is used to replenish a beach area.


  1. Once the process is complete, the beaches look attractive

  2. Restores the natural appearance of the beach

  3. Sand placed in wave-breaking zones (sand bar) protects from damaging waves and storms

Beach management strategies are integral to ensuring the health of the beaches. However, urban planning for the city's future needs to take into account more than just the tourism industry, businesses and residents' lifestyles. It must continue to adopt a holistic approach that incorporates intentional steps and safeguards to protect all aspects of the city's precious beaches.