Hair Systems For Women – Knowing the Facts

Hair loss does not discriminate in any way. Men, women, and children let their hair fall out in different ways. Usually, when we think of hair systems we think of butterflies for men and wigs for women, but that is far from reality.

Many women today suffer from hair loss for various reasons. In some ways it's caused by hormonal changes, in others it's genetic, but this problem can be solved by the hair integration system. You can get this treatment done in a very professional way from Continental Hair.

In general, a woman's hair loss is degraded, meaning hair thins out completely or she gets hair loss on the top of the head a bit like humans. There are so many, if not more, options for women with hair loss than men. 

Women often have hair systems designed from the same materials as men's systems. The main difference is mostly in the form of the basic design. Women usually do not have a pronounced frontal recession and their systems are usually oval or round. 

Most women reject the idea of shaving their heads for binding purposes and opt for clips or tape to secure them, which allows them to remove the system at will. 

Another good option for women is to use system integration. The integration allows existing hair to be pulled through the base and integrated into the system with the hair.

These systems can be made of material that has holes smaller than a quarter-inch and climb from there. The reason for the large variety of aperture sizes is that they will match any existing hair the user may have on the head.