Features Of SSRS Ad-Hoc Reporting Software

SQL server reporting services or SSRS comes with many features to meet the reporting needs of complex businesses. So far as creation of reports is concerned, SSRS is a full-fledged report engine. 

The reports can be generated against any data source which consists of OLE DB, ODBC data source or any managed code provider. To get more details about leading ssrs ad hoc reporting search the web.

Here are some features of SSRS Ad Hoc reporting:

  • Data retrieval from managed providers, ODBC and OLE DB connections.
  • Display of data in a number of modes, including charts, free form and tabular form.
  • Export to a number of formats, such as PDF, HTML, CSV, XML, Word reports, TIFF and Excel.
  • Summarization and aggregation of data.
  • Creation of ad-hoc reports and saving the same to the server.
  • Embedding images, graphics as well as external content.
  • Facilitating management and storage of custom reports by users, generated with the report builder of SSRS.

SSRS offers an all-inclusive list of innovative features. SSRS reports are extensible in nature. This kind of extensibility empowers developers to make use of SSRS in a variety of ways, from tailor-made reporting solutions to embedded reports. Each version of SSRS softwares has its own specialties.