Dyer Vent Cleaning – Prevent a Fire by Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Were you aware – Just 60 percent of the Millionaire is recorded from the lint trap of residential and business clothes dryers. Another 40 percent is vented out. As time passes, the moist lint accumulates to the interior of the duct. The result is similar to a clogged pipe which becomes more limited over time that may make a fire hazard!

This is a fact that has to be taken seriously. When it takes more than one cycle to your clothes to wash, or the garments are extremely hot after drying, then this is a great indication that your port needs cleaning. If you want duct cleaning service in Ajax then you can check this website.

When the garments have a musty odor after drying. If your dryer shuts off or ceases during a cycle, then the component could be getting too hot out of the duct limitation.

Dyer Vent Cleaning - Prevent a Fire by Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

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When there's a fantastic deal of lint escaping out of the rear of the drier. When the exterior port has lint covering the exterior of the port cover. Here are some steps if you're planning to do it on yourself.

1. Get the Proper tools. For this job you'll require a shop vac and expansion of at least 10 to 15 feet, depending upon the period of the dryer vent outdoors for an own dryer. Next, you'll require a flexible cable using a brush at the end (are available online ) to snake through the duct, and lastly, a dust mask and gloves to protect yourself in your airborne lint.

2. Disconnect your drier by the flexible duct and then wash out the rear of the drier and any lint that has piled up beneath the drier. Assess the flexible duct and then replace it with a fresh one if it's damaged or has holes. The first portion of the procedure will entail running the elastic cable and vacuum cleaner out of the interior of the home from the own dryer. The next portion of the procedure involves precisely the same thing just from the exterior from the dryer vent that extends to the exterior.

3. Run the elastic snake with the brush throughout the dryer vent duct as far as you can go, take care to not push beyond any turns or angles which may get the cable to become stuck at the ductwork, otherwise, you'll have a challenging time getting it out. Run the hose up to into the duct as it is possible to go.