Discussing Some Important Canada Immigration Programs

Settling in a new country like Canada is not an easy process. There are several different immigration programs you can choose from depending on your needs. You must also meet the eligibility criteria for your immigration program.

Express Entry Visa Canada:

It was introduced by the Canadian federal government in 2015. Express Entry can be viewed as an application management system that manages any flow of economic immigration.

  • FSW (Federal Skilled Workers)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience)
  • FSTP (Federal Quality Transaction Program)

The points mentioned above are placed under the roof of the express entrance. Several PNPs (provincial nominated programs) are also managed through this program. If you are also looking for applying in the same then you should visit https://canadianimmigrationservices.org/express-entry/.

Canada Immigration Forum

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Nominated Provincial Program:

When it comes to immigration services in Canada, we can't miss the provincial nomination program. Every province in Canada has the right to control its immigration policies and programs.

Student Immigration:

If you are a student and you completed your tertiary education in Canada, it will be easier for you to find permanent residence in Canada. Keep in mind that if you are applying to the Province of Quebec, you will need a CAQ (Certificate of Approval for Quebec) to obtain an internship permit.

Canadian Family Sponsorship:

This is one of the main ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada where a citizen or permanent resident of Canada can sponsor a spouse, child to come to Canada and live permanently.