Countertop Water Filters – The Best Chlorine Removal Solution

Did you know that you could be accidentally adding chlorine to the meals you make for your family? It's true. Many people don’t know that tap water from their kitchen sink can contain chlorine.

To prevent harmful mold growth, many municipal and city water systems add chlorine. The addition of chlorine to water has been a significant factor in reducing the incidence of deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid fever.

Does this mean you should buy a countertop water filter or purifier to put in your kitchen? The quality of the water you are using will determine the answer. You can buy countertop water purifier from

coway countertop water purifier

It is best to have your water tested by professionals. Many people live in areas that have a well as their main water source. These water sources are often not treated for contaminants or impurities. This water may be microbiologically unfit for consumption. Countertop water filters will not remove certain microbes.

If your municipality or city chlorinates water, then countertop filters might be sufficient. These devices are capable of removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other basic impurities from drinking water. Water will be odorless and tasteless without any chlorine.

These countertop filter systems are available from many companies. Do your research before you buy one. Make sure it meets industry standards. You can also learn from other customers' experiences and get feedback on a particular model to help you make an informed choice.