Common Calf Diseases – How To Prevent & Treat Them

In terms of survival, the first few weeks are the most important in the calves' life as their bodies are not yet developed enough to fight disease effectively. 

Given the many potential health risks, it is important as a farmer to be aware of common diseases of these calves and what steps should be taken to prevent and, if necessary, treat them. You can get more information about the best calf health via

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Scour: Perhaps the most common cause of death in calves in the first month of life. Symptoms of scouring include:

-Severe diarrhea

-Sunken eyes


Dehydration due to diarrhea is often the direct cause of death from scouring. There are a number of effective ways to prevent calf wear, including vaccination before birth, careful colostrum management, and general good hygiene in living and sleeping areas.

Once one of your calves has recovered, the best thing to do is to immediately quarantine them and take steps to replace the glucose, minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins lost from diarrhea.

Diphtheria: Caused by a bacterial infection, diphtheria can enter the lungs and cause pneumonia, even if it starts in the mouth if left untreated. However, before that, diphtheria occurred:

-Pain and swelling

-High body temperature

Antibiotics are the most effective treatment for diphtheria, and there are a variety of antibiotics that can cure the disease.The calves suffering from diphtheria should be quarantined to protect themselves from further infection and other calves.