Cold-Formed Steel VS Structural Steel

Cold-formed steel framing can be used in many different projects. It is also a versatile type of steel framing. It is ideal for framing and supporting smaller projects such as residential or commercial buildings, due to its weight and size. 

It's also an excellent choice for interiors in large buildings. You can buy cold rolling metal framing for Your construction projects at various online sites. These are some of the most common uses for cold-formed steel framing.

cold-formed metal framing

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The Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel Framing


Cold-formed steel is a durable building material that resists corrosion, mold, and vermin.


Cold-formed steel framing contains at least 25% of recycled steel, and often more than 70%. It also meets all the sustainability requirements for major green building standards.

Structural Steel Framing

There are many uses for structural steel, but the most popular ones are large projects like ships and skyscraper buildings. It is durable and can be used as a primary steel framing system in tall buildings.

The Benefits of Steel

Steel’s advantages in construction include speed, safety, optimal cost, reliability, lightweight, and design adaptability. But first things first.

Quality and speed. Most steel structures are manufactured at plants using prefabrication methods. This ensures the quality of such structures and allows for a high speed of further installation.