Choosing A Commercial Intruder Alarm System

A professionally installed intrusion alarm system is essential to protect your company assets from theft and criminal damage. Intrusion alarms provide low-cost protection for most types of business premises. Both can deter intruders and alert staff or police.

Selecting and purchasing the right intruder alarm can be difficult due to frequent changes in policies and regulations and the wide range of options available. However, you can also find commercial alarms via to make your premises more secure. 

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Businesses can find their insurance company requirements challenging because most insurance companies need information about the type of intrusion alarm system installed on the property.

Burglar alarm options for business:

There are a wide variety of intruder alarms available and many factors can influence your choice. Depending on your needs and the level of security required, here are some basic options. 

  • A system that only sounds an alarm in the event of a break-in.
  • An alarm connected to a 24/7 monitoring center and alerts emergency services.
  • Wired or wireless intrusion alarm.
  • Integration with other security systems such as access control or fire alarms.

Detectors and zones:

A large number of different detectors are available for burglar alarm systems: motion detectors (PIR), pressure pads, broken glass detectors, door and window contacts, an infrared beam, and vibration detectors. Choosing a system that supports all of these different detector types will make future upgrades and additions easier. In addition to determining the number of detectors, larger building zoning can allow for more precise control of the alarm system.