Cannabis Dispensary Is Legal in Canada

Nowadays, Cannabis is legal in Canada. COVID-19 may have put further progress on hold, but cannabis is still alive and well in Canada. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many cities have tried to reexamine their regulations surrounding cannabis delivery. One thing that many Marijuana dispensaries have introduced online delivery options. How it works is that you order online and pay, then pick-up in-store. You can also look for dispensary in Toronto via online if you want to buy a variety of Marijuana products.

Where exactly can you buy Cannabis in Canada?

If we talk about buying Cannabis in Canada, each province has its own specific rules on where to purchase Cannabis. Also, the most important thing is the only legal way to purchase Cannabis is through various stores. There are so many trusted stores where you can buy a variety of products. 1922 Retail Store is one among them. 

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