All You Need To Know About Crystal Pyramids and Orgonite Pyramids

Pyramids have hypnotized civilizations for centuries, and nearly all civilizations have used this form to achieve spiritual awakening. It is said that the geometric shape increases vibration or pranic energy (life energy).

Hence, most of the temples around the world were built with this geometric design. It is believed that the four sides of the pyramid represent the four cosmic elements converging at infinity. You can also buy orgonite pyramids online.

They are primarily a form of sacred enlargement that has powerful healing and cleansing powers. Hence, the shape is also used in the form of a crystal pyramid for healing, energy management, meditation, architecture and decoration.

Green aventurine crystal pyramid

Pyramid crystals are pyramid-shaped crystals of various sizes and colors. They are used for healing, energy management, meditation, architecture and decoration. With their sophisticated appearance, they are available in a wide variety of crystals to suit your needs. A pyramid with an orgonite is called an orgonite pyramid.

International mixed organic pyramid

Both types of pyramids function as focusing and magnifying tools. It also depends on how they are used. When you use the pyramid for a specific purpose, the vibration becomes focused and focused on a specific problem.

Agate organic pyramid

Each orgonite pyramid is a copy of the pyramids at Giza because they match the exact dimensions (proportions, angles and coordinates) of this pyramid. Thus, orgonite pyramids are more efficient than normal crystal pyramids. Orgonite products are also available in other types such as discs, pendants, spheres / balls, discs, coasters, pallet plates, etc.