A Perfect Plan to Ensure a Hassle Free Wedding Event

Friday afternoons are the usual time for wedding rehearsals and it's important to get all hands ready for the event. Some couples are happy to organize activities to entertain their Friday out-of-town guests who won't be attending rehearsal. An excursion or trip to a local attraction such as a winery would be a good option.

Friday night is the traditional time for a rehearsal dinner. The regular guest list includes the newlyweds, their immediate family, the wedding party with their husbands, and employees and their spouses. 

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Adding out-of-town guests to the guestlist for a rehearsal dinner is optional, but with caution. In recent years, some couples have opted for a welcome wedding dinner over a rehearsal dinner. The difference is that the welcome dinner is open to everyone, which makes perfect sense when most of your wedding guests are out of town. 

A rehearsal dinner or welcome dinner can be as formal or informal as you like. You can charter a yacht and serve five-star meals or have a picnic in the neighborhood park; There is no right or wrong. The only rule is, that you don't want a rehearsal dinner that's more sumptuous than a wedding reception!

The wedding ceremony and reception will, of course, take place on Saturday, but that's not all. For ceremonies starting at 4 pm or so, it has become very popular to organize group activities to entertain people before the wedding. 

Golf tournaments are very popular, although you can choose any activity you think your friends and family might like. The wedding itself was imminent, which was of course the highlight of the weekend.